Parent Information

Enrolment Information for 2020


Families may place applications at any stage but we close our applications during May each year. This year, applications close on Friday the 24th of May. Offers of places are made before the end of term 2 for families joining us in the coming year. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the community of St Francis of Assisi. Below you will find PDF versions of our Parent Information Booklet, Enrolment Policy, Enrolment Timeline and Enrolment form.

Open Days

There are three scheduled dates for open days in 2019:

Saturday 23rd February 9:30am-12pm

Saturday 23rd March 9:30am-12pm

Saturday 4th May 9:30am-12pm

School tours

You are most welcome to contact the School for a personal tour or for an information package

School tours are conducted every Tuesday from 9:30am in terms 1 and 2.

Bookings essential.

Information & Enrolment Session

The Information and Enrolment session will take place on Tuesday the 2nd of April, 2019, at 7pm.

School Policy Documents


Major School Events

St Francis of Assisi prides itself on the many outstanding school events we hold throughout the year. The following is a brief list of some of our major events, organised by members of our staff, PA, Parish and students:


  • Good Friday Passion Play (Gospel performance by our Year 6 students)
  • Reconciliation & First Communion (Year 3 Sacramental Program)
  • Confirmation (Year 6 Sacramental Program)
  • Parish Fair
  • Mothers’ Day Breakfasts
  • Fathers’ Day Breakfast
  • Year 4 Basket Supper Evening
  • Year 5 Camp
  • Year 6 Camp
  • Year 6 Graduation Dinner Dance
  • Prep – Year 2 Christmas Concert
  • Senior Athletics Carnival

School App

Please be reminded that as parents, you can download our free St Francis of Assisi SkoolBag App to your Apple or Android mobile devices (phones, tablets, iPads) and select the categories that apply to your children. Our app is updated regularly, and important push notifications will be sent to you regarding your child.

App Download Links

Parent Association & School Education Board

Parent Association

The St Francis of Assisi Parent Association is made up of several parents and our admin staff, including our Principal, Mark Basile. The PA help to organise a range of wonderful events and fundraisers, including our annual Parish fair. In order for these events to occur, the PA meet regularly.

School Education Board

Our School Education Board meets regularly throughout the year to discuss our school’s facilities, planning, events and initiatives to improve student learning outcomes. We value the contributions of all members of the board:

  • Fr Anthony Girolami (Parish Priest)
  • Ruth Lee (Parish Representative)
  • Mark Basile (Principal)
  • Grace Lucic (Deputy Principal)
  • Delfina Pieri (Deputy Principal)
  • Anne Coleiro (Bursar)
  • Angela Sicari (OSHC Representative)
  • Nadia Totham (Stables Kinder Representative)
  • Sandra Katsaros (PA Representative)
  • Stuart Huy
  • Phillip Atallah
  • Michael Smyth
  • Jessica O’Connell

Secondary School Transition

At St Francis of Assisi we are proud to have built strong partnerships with several Catholic feeder secondary schools in the local area, which many of our year six students attend. Below are some links to these schools’ websites.

Staff & Classes

Prep Teachers

Prep C – Mrs Colleen McCann & Mrs Vanessa Vittorio

Prep N – Miss Natalie Marciniec

Prep P – Miss Christina Padula

Prep U – Miss Renee Unthank

Prep W – Mrs Judith Wright

Prep T – Miss Tayla DeSensi

Prep D – Miss Danielle Dounis

Year 1 Teachers

1H – Mrs Jane Huy

1A – Miss Alanna Barbanera

1B – Mrs Maria Barillaro

1K – Miss Mary Kneisser

1H – Miss Hayley Sims

1S – Mrs Silvana Sgarlata

Year 2 Teachers

2G – Ms Arista Giannis

2F – Mrs Jackie Footman

2I – Mrs Daniela Insolia

2P – Miss Renee Pitruzzello

2W – Mrs Ellie Werner & Mrs Vanessa Vittorio

2S – Miss Kathryn Smith

Year 3 Teachers

3A – Mrs Aggie Abela & Mrs Anita Evans

3P – Ms Annette Prince

3D – Mrs Denise Pavlakos

3M – Mrs Dina Mercuri

3R – Miss Katrina Rinaldi &

3N – Miss Nadia Asta

Year 4 Teachers

4A – Miss Melissa Anderson

4M – Mr Marc Mellere

4S – Miss Samantha D’Cruz

4D – Mrs Catriona Davies & Mrs Sharonna Coe

4C – Miss Cassandra Fontana

4N – Miss Natalie Degiorgio

Year 5 Teachers

5T – Ms Susanna Todorovska

5F – Mr Archie Fusillo

5M – Mrs Cathy Murphy & Mrs Bianca Nicol

5P – Mrs Thuy Pham

5K – Mrs Jacinta Harwood

5C – Miss Jessica Contarin

Year 6 Teachers

6J – Mrs Julia Mancuso & Mrs Sharonna Coe

6B – Mrs Veronica Brightwell

6H – Miss Melanie Hollibone

6M – Miss Olivia Mullavey

6W – Mrs Michelle Wilson & Miss Monica Vasiliadis

6C – Mrs Connie Caruso

* each pair of classes in each year level is assisted by a qualified Learning Support Officer

School Leadership Team

Principal – Mr Mark Basile

Deputy Principal (School Community) – Mrs Grace Lucic

Deputy Principal (Learning and Teaching) – Mrs Delfina Pieri

Religious Education Leader – Mr John Dwyer

Literacy Leader – Mrs Mary Costanzo

Numeracy Leader – Mrs Brooke Brennan

Learning Support Leader – Mrs Nicole Federico

Wellbeing Leader – Mr John Dwyer


Extra Curricula Teachers

Italian – Mrs Teresa Di Giulio & Mrs Domenica Tartaggia

Japanese – Mrs May Park

PE – Mr Brett McCarthy,  Mr Adrian Talarico & Mrs Natalie Vilevski

Library – Miss Colette Hickey & Miss Michelle James

Art – Mrs Jenny Brown

Computers – Mrs Jo Muir

Music – Mrs Christine Grey & Mrs May Park

Drama – Mrs Melissa Ferraro Martin (Prep), Mrs Sarah Lemin (Year 1 & 2) & Mrs Katherine Uccellini (Years 3 & 4)

Science – Mr Adrian Talarico (Year 3 & 4)

Passion Project Teachers

Visual Arts – Mrs Jenny Brown

Robotics – Mrs Jo Muir

Performing Arts – Mrs Christine Grey

Health & PE – Mr Brett McCarthy

Kitchen Garden – Mrs May Park & Miss Colette Hickey

Science – Mrs Natalie Vilevski

Creator Maker – Mr Adrian Talarico

* Passion Projects are offered to students in years 5 and 6 in place of all other extra curricula classes, except for PE and a language study