Dear Parents,

Welcome to Term Four.  We hope that you all had a restful break and the children are ready to begin the new term. Below are the learning intentions for Term Four. This will be the focus of learning for our students.



Religious Education

Students will learn to:

  • investigate the life and work of Saint Francis of Assisi
  • identify the differences between the New and Old Testament stories
  • explore different types of prayer and how we communicate with God
  • focus on the story of Mary, Advent and Christmas


Through our unit of Inquiry

Students will learn to:

  • identify the needs of those less fortunate than themselves
  • research different charities and the role they play in the community
  • work in teams to complete structured activities within a set timeframe





In Reading and Viewing students will learn to:

  • read fluently using the punctuation in a text
  • re-read to self-correct for meaning and accuracy
  • retell the events or key information in a text
  • articulate information that is not directly stated in a text


In Writing students will learn to:

  • write a personal recount
  • write a letter using appropriate structure
  • edit written texts for meaning and accuracy with a focus on spelling and punctuation


Through Speaking and Listening students will learn to:

  • speak in full sentences using correct grammar and tense
  • listen and take turns during small group and whole class discussions
  • discuss and explain their ideas about characters



Students will learn to:

  • tell time to the half hour
  • solve simple addition and subtraction problems
  • investigate concepts of chance using words such as likely, unlikely, certain and impossible
  • identify different numbers patterns and predict the next number
  • read, write and make numbers




This semester students will participate in a variety of specialist areas these include Physical Education, LOTE (Italian), Library, Music, Drama, Computers and Art. Below are the intended learning outcomes for these areas.






Physical Education with Mr McCarthy/Mrs Stavreski

Students will:

  • perform movement sequences in response to music
  • develop movement patterns to improve skill performance
  • work with others to achieve a movement goal


Italian with Sig. Di Giulio

Students will:

  • accurately use Italian vocabulary to write a simple description about the weather
  • respond verbally to prompts about weather
  • compare the similarities and differences associated with the geographical climate of Italy and Australia during Christmas


Library with Mrs Hickey

Students will:

  • sequence the main events in stories
  • discuss characters and share personal responses about literary text
  • create an illustration that supports their interpretation of a text


Music with Mrs Egglezos

Students will:

  • respond to music and communicate their preferences
  • investigate various musical instruments and with guidance learn music skills and techniques
  • rehearse and perform songs and communicate ideas using voice and dance


Drama with Mrs Buttifant

Students will:

  • read simple scripts
  • portray a character in a script
  • prepare and rehearse a performance for the community


Art with Mrs Brown

Students will:

  • draw from a bird’s-eye view
  • use magiclay shapes to make a model
  • use collage to express imagination


Computers with Mrs Muir

Students will:

  • log onto a computer with an individual username and password
  • accurately use the functions of a keyboard to type stories
  • use ICT tools and techniques to visualise their thinking


Many thanks and we look forward to a great Term Four!


Colleen McCann & Vanessa Vittorio, or

Natalie Degiorgio

Mariegold Frago

Jane Huy

Adriana Ortiz

Christina Padula