Before and After School Care

We here at St. Francis of Assisi are very fortunate to have an extensive, inclusive and fully accredited Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program with Vacation Care. Our program boasts an environment that is inclusive of children of all abilities, and uses the interests of the children and their families as the foundation for our weekly themes and activities.

Professional educators provide care for the children between 6:40am and 8:40 in the morning and between 3:30 and 6pm in the evening. Breakfast and afternoon tea is offered during these times respectively; children can enjoy a variety of cereals, toast, fresh fruit and fruit juices for breakfast, and sandwiches, fresh fruit and a myriad of options from a rotating menu in the afternoon. Special foods are provided during warmer and cooler months, and special days.

Our partnerships with families and rapport with the children ensure that our program’s activities are child-centred and are founded on the individual needs and interests of the children. Children can participate in both active and passive activities, in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Activities include arts and crafts, creative construction spaces, active sports, reading corners and homework club. Extra activities and incursions are organised during special days/themes and playground opportunities are offered during days with favourable weather.

We endeavour to achieve best practice in all aspects of our program, striving to create a caring, stimulating and positive environment for all children.

We establish this through:

  • The design of our extensive, well maintained play spaces that are easily navigated for children of all abilities.
  • Maintaining consistent and regular communication and rapport between children and families.
  • The provision of a large variety of stimulating, child-centred indoor and outdoor resources and activities to promote and foster co-operative play and friendships with peers.
  • Encouraging children to take responsibility for their own play space and choices, and to be familiarised with daily routines.
  • Creating a respectful and considerate environment where individualism and diversity are celebrated.
  • The implementation of environmentally sound practices that encourages children to make choices based on their ecological footprint.
  • The understanding and respect for both family and community values as reflected through our multiculturally diverse themes and activities.




Hours: Monday – Friday

6.40 am – 8.40 am


Hours: Monday – Friday

3.30 pm – 6.00 pm


Hours: 6:40am – 6.00 pm


Hours: 6:40am – 6.00 pm


Hours: 1pm – 6.00 pm



Angela Sicari – ph.9407 3170


At St. Francis of Assisi OSHC, we are proud to acknowledge the WURUNDJERI people as the traditional owners of the land. All Educators provide a safe environment for all children who ensures their safety, health and wellbeing. We have a commitment to nurturing active bodies and creating healthy minds. We encourage this by creating an inclusive environment that empowers, challenges and provides opportunities for children to develop their learning needs and interests and feeling a sense of belonging. We understand the need to promote children’s independence and their ability to work cooperatively with peers and adults within an environment free of cultural and gender bias.

As educators, we provide opportunities for children to become engaged in what they are doing and to feel safe, secure and supported in their endeavours. Together with the Educational Leaders we promote and believe in developing plans and activities that challenge and further children’s learning through their own interests and ideas. By documenting their ideas, interests and curiosities we are able to create extensive learning plans. We focus on specific intentional teaching and learning goals that accommodates for spontaneous teaching and learning experiences for the children and educators. We use our interactions with them to govern our learning goals and how we can achieve them. We will actively empower children to become responsible for creating and contributing to a sustainable future by implementing aspects of reducing, recycling, reusing, recovering and upcycling.

Families also play a significant role in the program. We encourage this by including and incorporating their ideas and suggestions into our planning. We accommodate and support all families and their individual needs within our school community. We believe in the importance of family and friends and encourage the children to nurture their faith and positive self-identities to treat each other with equality and fairness.

At St. Francis of Assisi OSHC, the children feel comfortable in the knowledge that we take their physical and emotional wellbeing seriously and encourage and model positive behaviours in and around the program. We provide activities that engage their curiosities, develop ‘brain power’ and provide an opportunity to show pride in their accomplishments within the program. Routines encourage structure, hence, supporting the children in creating respect for each other. It also creates an understanding that they are a part of a community that works together to achieve their goals.


We provide a ‘home away from home’ environment.


Our OSHC program was assessed by the Department of Education and Training in October 2015 and we can proudly say that we achieved ‘Exceeding’ in our overall rating. Our next assessment will take place in 2018.



OSHC is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people.  This will be a primary focus of our care and decision-making. OSHC has zero tolerance for child abuse. OSHC is committed to providing a child safe environment where children are safe and feel safe and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. The cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and /or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.

Every person involved at OSHC has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role they play individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people is at the forefront of all they do and every decision they make.

  1. Take a preventative, proactive and participatory approach to child safety.
  2. Value and empower children to participate in decisions which affect their lives.
  3. Foster a culture of openness that supports all persons to safely disclose risks of harm to children.
  4. Respect diversity in cultures and child rearing practices while keeping child safety paramount.
  5. Provide written guidance on appropriate conduct and behaviour towards children.
  6. Engage only the most suitable people to work with children and have high quality staff and volunteer supervision and professional development.
  7. Ensure children know who to talk with if they are worried or are feeling unsafe, and that they are comfortable and encouraged to raise such issues.
  8. Report suspected abuse, neglect or mistreatment promptly to the appropriate authorities.
  9. Share information appropriately and lawfully with other organisations where the safety and wellbeing of children is at risk.
  10. Value the input of and communicate regularly with families and carers.


Our program offers your children many exciting and different learning opportunities and activities. Our program’s philosophy was developed in collaboration with all who are actively involved in our program; that is children, families, committee members and educators. Upon consultation with all stakeholders, it was clear that our program’s main goal was to achieve and create a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere and hence we aim to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment, which appeals to all children, families and educators.

Our qualified & dedicated educators work diligently to plan, create and implement a positive learning environment for the children. Our educators are continuously improving and extending their learning by attending professional development sessions.

As an OSHC program, we are guided by the ‘Early Years Learning Framework: My Time, Our Place’. The framework provides broad direction and guidance for school age care educators in creating settings to facilitate children’s individual interests, choices and the importance of learning through play.

Our Planning initiates from the ideas, needs, interests and curiosities of the children, families and educators of our program, while at the same time developing self-identity and social competencies. Some of the great and exciting activities we had in 2017 were science experiments, nature walks, and exploring traditions, cultures and foods from different countries, such as Mexico, Croatia and Italy, just to name a few.

We strongly encourage healthy eating, keeping fit and sustainable practices in our program. We achieve this by our Healthy Eating Amazing Race and working in collaboration with the school, being a part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

Homework Club is offered and encouraged on Tuesdays and Thursdays, supervised by a qualified Educator.  A quiet area is available at all sessions allowing children the opportunity to do their homework.

To enhance children’s learning, we also invite special visitors to the program. This helps broaden children’s knowledge of their community and world around them. Some of the visitors in the past have included Indigenous Leaders, Wheelchair sportsmen, Police Officers, Ambulance Officers, and First Aid Training for children.

At OSHC we hold a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day/special person’s dinner and our very exciting and fun Family Christmas Party, which is held in November. The OSHC community enjoys coming together to celebrate these special occasions. At OSHC we celebrate children’s birthdays to enhance a sense of belonging and self-identity. The Children’s Committee is very significant as this allows the children to have more of a chance to help us plan for learning experiences and fun activities. We value their opinion and ideas highly and greatly appreciate their participation.

At our service we provide both a nutritional breakfast and afternoon tea daily. The program is run in the hall and parents are required to sign children into and out of the program. Children are dismissed to their classrooms at 8.40am and Prep children are accompanied by an educator to and from their classrooms during term 1, 2 and 3 to ensure that they remain confident and feel safe enough to become familiar with their new surroundings. This helps the children to develop a sense of security within our program. In Term 4 we allow the preps to gradually learn their way to and from class.

We also operate on pupil free days from 6.40am to 6pm. This includes Breakfast and snacks. Parents must provide lunch. Fun activities are always planned for the day.

On Early dismissal days the program operates from 1pm to 6pm. We include a special lunch and fun activities for the children to enjoy, for example a disco, a magician or jumping castles.

In response to the needs of our school community we are excited to announce that our OSHC program has now extended to run a Vacation Care Program. We offer a fun filled and exciting school holiday program, available to all our children at St Francis of Assisi. A fully accredited vacation care program will be running first, second and third school term holidays and the last week prior to children commencing the new school year. This program will operate from 6.40am to 6.00pm.

Finally, our Service would not survive without the unwavering endorsement and nurturing hand of our school’s leadership body consisting of; Parish Priest Father Anthony, our school Principal Mark Basile, our Deputy Principal Grace Lucic and Delfina Pieri, the school nurse Helen Donegan, and all the staff and teachers at St Francis of Assisi.


My Time, Our Place forms a key component of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework and has been implemented specifically for Out of School Hours Care. The framework ensures children have opportunities to engage in leisure and play-based experiences which are responsive to their needs, interests and choices. My Time, Our Place promotes the idea that children attending the service fully contribute to their ongoing development. The framework aims to support and provide guidance to educators working with school age children in Out of School Hours Care.


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